Making hair loss one less worry

Cancer Hair Care


Having experienced tremendous organic growth, Cancer Hair Care needed a head to toe refresh. Offering support to thousands of men and women, Cancer Hair Care reached out to us for a complete rebrand and a new website to ensure that it could continue to inspire confidence and offer support to those living with hair loss.



Concentrating on the key themes of positivity, clarity, caring and support, we created a new brand that reflected the true nature of Cancer Hair Care - the UK's leading hair loss support charity.

From the outset it was clear that Cancer Hair Care were the premier specialists in their field, successfully offering support and advice to thousands of women, men and children worldwide. It was paramount that the new brand reflected the caring and supportive nature of the client, whilst also highlighting their extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in this field.

We developed range of branding ideas and routes, discussing, reviewing and refining to ensure we delivered the correct solution. Parallel website requirement capture also helped inform the new brand - understanding what an organisation does and who they are is key to delivering a successful brand.

Combining the soothing, healing properties of blue with friendly and approachable typography, we created a brand identity that speaks of inner confidence, reassurance and calm.

Exactly what Cancer Hair Care delivers to its clients.


We needed to build a large, fast, flexible and easy to manage website with complex features in as short a time as possible.

Kentico was the natural choice. Its extensive range of 'out of the box' components meant we could develop a large, complex website in record time. All with a beautiful and intuitive content management interface that suited the client down to the ground.

Complex features like a site wide keyword search, integrated YouTube video carousels, a filterable product directory and a customised news and blogging area were developed using Kentico's fast and flexible transformation technology.

Combined with a glorious front end, we created a website that focuses on clarity of content and conveys information in a fast and engaging way. Responsive across all device sizes, users can access the support and information they need, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

Semantic HTML was easy to generate using Kentico's transformation technology, improving search engine rankings and results - helping users get to the information they need, fast.

Using Kentico allowed us to deliver the site in under two weeks. Impressive, even if we do say so ourselves.

Working with Landd has been a really creative and enjoyable experience. Throughout the development of our new brand and website they have kept our authentic ways at heart and evolved our proposition to reflect the modern and successful charity we are.
Jasmin Julia Gupta, Founder - Cancer Hair Care

Skills / Technologies

  • Kentico

  • SASS

  • HTML 5

  • Javascript

  • Adobe

  • .NET


  • A brand that reflects truly reflects the business
  • Massively improved UX
  • Intuitive site architecture
  • Faster access to information and support