Branding to make your hair stand on end

Medulla Hair Design


Branding, art direction, design and illustration for an upcoming hair design studio.


The ‘medulla’ is the innermost layer of a hair follicle. It is the pith or core to every strand of hair. This definition struck a chord with the salon’s founder, whose belief is that a stylist’s duty is to to understand the client (core) before touching a strand of hair. Only then can a client and stylist collaborate.

The brand is an extension of the director’s personality. It had to express a youthful, unique handcrafted style, while showing an appreciation for tradition. To achieve this the logo blends a historic typewriter typeface with the executional style of stenciled graffiti.

Professional, artistic and compassionate. They made my company concept come to life better than I could ever have imagined. With expert advice, insight and original designs I feel a timeless look was created.
David Metliss - Director, Medulla Hair Design